Business Premises

Investing in office premises

You have a possibility of purchasing office premises as a form of profitable investment and as a place for your own business. Our apartment projects have great impact on the closest business area as a new resident means a new client. Purchasing office space in an attractive location and renting it for kindergarten, language school, beauty salon or other mini-mall businesses is a perfect alternative option for bank deposit. Get familiar with our offer.


Investment description

Extraordinary apartments in Warsaw’s Prague

Icone is an unusual and prestigious investment located close to Grenadierow Street in Grochów – part of Warsaw’s Prague. The modern project is located in one of the best-connected points of the district. It is here that the most interesting attributes of urban life harmoniously alternate with green areas and lots of Prague's urban attractions.

Friendly, spatious enclave

  • Functional design in perfect-connected point of Prague.
  • Cameral and aesthetic buildings - only 84 apartments.
  • 8 floors that are perfect in every detail.
  • Spacious 1-, 2-, 3- and 4- bedroom apartments from 31 m2 , and also duplex apartments with large terraces with pergolas on the top floor.
  • Elegant entrance hall decorated in minimalist grays and beiges.
  • The ability to take advantage of the Intelligent Housing System or complex apartment finishing with the specialists of our Atelier.

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