Business Premises

Investing in office premises

You have a possibility of purchasing office premises as a form of profitable investment and as a place for your own business. Our apartment projects have great impact on the closest business area as a new resident means a new client. Purchasing office space in an attractive location and renting it for kindergarten, language school, beauty salon or other mini-mall businesses is a perfect alternative option for bank deposit. Get familiar with our offer.

Villa Alouette

Investment description

Villa Alouette is a small estate composed of two buildings, located on a green district of Warsaw - Grabiszynek. Closeness of nature, very good communication with the city center, but also a dose of innovative architectural solutions make Villa Alouette a perfect place for families with children.

Intimately, actively, family-friendly

Villa Alouette is being developed in a green area away from the city hustle. At the same time it’s well communicated with the center of Wrocław. Grabiszyński Park with an outdoor gym is one of attractions located in nearest neighbourhood of the investment – as long as numerous kindergartens, schools (e.g. International Education Centre),fitness clubs, swimming pool and retail centres – all of them are within easy reach.

Apartments and space matching your needs

Environment is what inspired us in finishing common areas of buildings. Their elevation are maintained in pleasant, elegant white and gray tones. Thinking about comfort of the children, we’ve designed the playground , and in one of the buildings there will be a special space for parents and children called Mały Skowronek (Small Lark).

There is a choice of 89 apartments with 2, 3 or 4 rooms. On last floors we’ve located bigger storied apartments with terraces - designed to be easily rearranged according to their owner’s wishes and needs. A wide range of square meters and spatial solutions will allow our customers to choose a suitable apartment – no matter if they are singles, couple, or family with children.



Villa Alouette is located in south-west part of Wrocław, in green Grabiszynek. It is an area particularly appreciated by customers searching for calm climate and more cameral style of architecture. Thanks to the area perfectly distant to the city hustle and noise, and at the same time well-communicated with the city centre, it’s an ideal choce for families with children.

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