Regular Customer Program

Regular Customer Program


If you already bought a house or apartment by Bouygues Immobilier Poland, you will get up to 7 000 PLN on gift card while buying the next real estate.

The Regular Customer Program has been designed for our most loyal Clients.

The rules of the Program are simple:

  • A customer who already bought our apartment, house or commercial unit, paid a down payment in the amount specified in the developer contract and intends to make the re-purchase, fills out a Regular Customer Program form with a personal data and deliver it to us.
  • After deciding by the customer to purchase our next apartment or commercial unit, signing the reservation agreement, development agreement and after payment of a down payment, you will receive a gift card. Its value will depend on the price of the purchased property.
Price of apartment /
premises service
The value of the prize
to 399 999, 99 PLN 4 000 PLN
from 400 000 PLN to 599 999, 99 PLN 5 000 PLN
from 600 000 PLN to 799 999, 99 PLN 6 000 PLN
from 800 000 PLN 7 000 PLN