Stalowa 39

Stalowa 39 - Investment description


Stalowa - Nowa Praga.

A new place in the New Praga

Stalowa 39 is a new investment located at the intersection of Stalowa and Czynszowa streets in Warsaw's Praga district – a colorful area filled with cafes, parks, service outlets and urban culture. Undoubtedly, one of its main advantages is the location as the "Szwedzka" metro station will soon be open. Commuting to the city center takes no more than 15 minutes, and is also provided by trams and buses.

Address with secrets

The "39" number missing today at Stalowa street has not always been an undeveloped square. The place has a unique history dating back to 1865. At that time, this part of Praga was parceled out by its owners: Ksawery Konopacki (so-called Konopacczyzna) and Joachim Kurakowski (so-called Kurakowszczyzna). Stalowa 39 is placed exactly on the border of these two properties. As a result of multiple changes in ownership, these sites at the beginning of the 20th century came into the possession of the well-known Praga community activist and philanthropist Antoni Kochański, and then two entrepreneurs: Władysław Pachulski and Andrzej Domański. The last two built three neighboring tenements and planned to close the square with tenements along the planned extension of Czynszowa street. These ideas were hindered by two world wars and the unfinished construction of Czynszowa street. That is why, for many years, temporarily, the market place functioned there along with numerous shops so often reminisced in memoirs.

Style, chic and comfort

Two 7-storey modern buildings with their form and finish refer to the unique historic buildings of the surrounding Praga tenements. All is complemented by an open courtyard planted with greenery, an elegant lobby and green roofs that enrich the architecture with an ecological elements. The building has 202 apartments with areas ranging from 24 to 112 m². Their functional schedules will allow residents to introduce their own arrangement solutions.

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One district, many possibilities

The New Praga is a dynamically growing district in which, apart from cultural venues such as cinemas, theaters and art galleries, there are many service points facilitating everyday life. In the area of ​​Stalowa 39 one can find numerous shops, schools, kindergartens, post offices and banks, swimming pools, sports halls and gyms. Fans of active recreation will surely appreciate the proximity of the Park Praski and the Vistula River.