Villa de Charme

Villa de Charme - Investment description

Szeligowska 25 - Bemowo.

Your home in Bemowo

Villa de Charme is a unique and intimate project in Bemowo. The fenced estate at Szeligowska Street includes 52 comfortable and spacious houses with underground garages and gardens. Simple building blocks, bright facade colors and wooden finishing elements give the whole a timeless and elegant character.

Functional space for the whole family

The 3 above-ground floors easily separate the space for parents, children, as well as the common living area. Under the building there are stands for two cars and functional storage compartments, and a backyard garden with a size of up to 94 m² (depending on the house) provides a pleasant place to relax under the sky. There are two terraces for residents – one on the ground floor, the other on the top floor, which is connected to the bedroom. The total area of​​four floors, depending on the house, ranges from 152 to 161 m².

Green spell

A pleasant and peaceful climate of the area is provided primarily by impressive trees growing along Szeligowska Street. The landscape is complemented by green spaces within the estate. An important element of the investment are new plantings trees, decorative shrubs and grasses. It's a place to live in harmony with nature!