Business Premises

Investing in office premises

You have a possibility of purchasing office premises as a form of profitable investment and as a place for your own business. Our apartment projects have great impact on the closest business area as a new resident means a new client. Purchasing office space in an attractive location and renting it for kindergarten, language school, beauty salon or other mini-mall businesses is a perfect alternative option for bank deposit. Get familiar with our offer.

La Melodie

Investment description

Well composed architecture

La Melodie is a modern investment inspired by music climate. Composed into green areas of Targówek district, it is well communicated both with Warsaw’s downtown and the city’s nearest access road. Musical attributes of the investment harmonize well with its calm surroundings. The place is perfect for establishing family life – numerous kindergartens, schools, playgrounds, retail and leisure facilities are within easy reach.

Tune yourself to Targówek

  • very good location close to planned metro station, Trocka (700 m)
  • functional apartment plans between 28 and 110 square meters
  • each apartment contains balcony, terrace or garden
  • musical inspirations in common areas
  • intelligent living systems within investment’s standard
  • HQE certificate for high quality architecture
  • huge playground
  • full safety: fenced area, monitoring, video intercoms at the entrances

Musical frame

  • modern settlement with unique, musical character
  • high quality apartments in good tone
  • In harmony with nature - it is already our second Polish investment certified HQE; environmentally friendly and designed for its resident’s comfort

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