Business Premises

Investing in office premises

You have a possibility of purchasing office premises as a form of profitable investment and as a place for your own business. Our apartment projects have great impact on the closest business area as a new resident means a new client. Purchasing office space in an attractive location and renting it for kindergarten, language school, beauty salon or other mini-mall businesses is a perfect alternative option for bank deposit. Get familiar with our offer.

Wileńska Express

House unit number Surface Price PDF Blueprint Status
AB00U1 34.86 m2 Ask free
AB00U2 27.72 m2 Ask free
AB00U4 30.65 m2 Ask free
CE00U1 57.27 m2 Ask free
CE00U2 81.19 m2 Ask free
CF00U3 31.30 m2 Ask free
CF00U4 42.19 m2 Ask free
BC00U3 188.30 m2 Ask free
BC00U4 61.17 m2 Ask free
BD00U1 45.30 m2 Ask free
BD00U2 30.36 m2 Ask free
BD00U3 92.85 m2 Ask free