Cookies policy

Cookie files are IT data, particularly text files, which are stored on the Service User’s terminal equipment and intended for using the Service’s sites. Cookies usually contain the name of the website they come from, the period of time for which they are stored on the terminal equipment and a unique number.

For the purposes of the Service, the Owner uses the following types of cookie files:
- cookies storing information needed to personalize the Service, remember the language chosen, remember the fact and the number of individual pop-up ads displayed; in particular, these files make it possible to recognize the Service User’s device and appropriately display the website customized to his/her individual needs, i.e. to customize the content of the Service’s sites according to the User’s preferences and optimize the use of the sites;
- cookies serving the purpose of collecting statistical data, related to Google Analytics, helping to understand how the Service Users use the website, which enables improvement of its structure and content; these files are intended to improve the quality of the services provided.

Apart from the cookie files mentioned above, the Service uses Google Analytics cookies to collect statistical data concerning the Service (they do not enable identification of the User), including cookies serving the purpose of reporting the Users’ interactions in the Service, as well as advertising cookies supporting the services in Google’s advertising network, e.g., AdWords and others, making it possible to provide the Users with advertisements which are more relevant to their interests. Web browsers do not share their cookies across different domains.

In many cases, the software used for browsing websites (the web browser) allows, by default, storing of cookies on the User’s terminal equipment.

Each web browser offers a possibility to view, delete, as well as restrict and control the acceptance of cookies.

The Service Users can, at any time, change their cookie settings. The settings can be changed in particular in such a way as to block automatic cookie support in the web browser settings, or to notify the User each time cookies are set on his/her device. Detailed information about the possibilities and methods of handling cookie files is available in the software (web browser) settings.

The User can change the conditions of cookie storage and acceptance by modifying the settings in his/her web browser:

  • Internet Explorer browser
  • Mozilla Firefox browser
  • Chrome browser
  • Safari browser

Restricting the use of cookies may affect some functionalities available in the Service.

Should you have any questions or doubts regarding the Privacy Policy, please send them to the address: